Sensitisation Program

The transgender community has, for a long time now, been ostracized and discriminated against. Though officially recognized as the third gender per the Supreme Court verdict in 2014, a majority of the transgender population continue to struggle with achieving or sustaining a decent standard of living. We can change this equation by providing them with one crucial thing – employment opportunities. While it is important to get the transgender community into mainstream employment, it is equally important to sensitize existing workplaces about them. Over the years, a lot of us would have formed prejudices about the transgender community. Hence it becomes crucial to ensure workplaces are as safe and friendly as possible before placing a transperson.

A major part of what we do at PeriFerry is sensitizing workplaces to make them more diverse and inclusive. Our workshops touch upon aspects of gender identity, gender expression, diversity and inclusion as well as a transperson’s struggles and journey. We ensure that our workshops are interactive to break monotony which is why social experiments, art or other theatrical elements find a place in our workshops. The intent of the program is to normalize the position of trans people in the society. It is time we looked at trans person's as individuals with skills and talents and gave them their fair share of opportunities.