Our Team


Passionate about making a difference to the transgender community, Neelam started-up PeriFerry after her two year stint with Goldman Sachs. Her goal is to ferry the community towards their passion and help them find their footing in this world.


Fast paced and rational, Nishant is dedicated to handling our operations throughout the country. He helps the firm accomplish their most cumbersome and daunting tasks seamlessly.


Trishala has always been moved by businesses and initiatives that solve real world problems. She strongly believes that an environment that fosters a diverse culture is sure to succeed and impact human evolution. She's a believer in using thoughtful & humane approach at solving issues.


With over 12 years of living and working for the welfare of transgender community, Nila comes with high understanding of the people that we serve at PeriFerry. Her calm & pleasant demeanor helps the organization engage with community seamlessly. She believes that everyone deserves a chance at making their life beautiful.


Accredited CXO/Exec Coach, CEO & MD - Zeus Mentors/Platinum Infosystems - Sadhana is a thoughtful, practical & humane coach/advisor to the company. Her involvement in NASSCOM Foundation as SI Diversity & Inclusion head is a boon to us