Hiring Process


Here’s a quick breakdown of our how our hiring processes work:

We first identify people from the transgender community who are interested in joining the mainstream workforce. After procuring their resumes, we understand their strengths, interests and the field they want to work in. Once that’s done, we match it to job profiles/openings that we have with us and schedule interviews.

To ensure our candidates are well equipped for the corporate world, we make them undergo mandatory training sessions with our team according to their qualifications. Personality development, communication, body language and interviewing skills form the base of our training programs.

On the other side, in order to make sure our clients have a basic understanding of the community and about how to treat potential trans employees as well, we conduct sensitization workshops at the company – this could be at the HR level, for the top management or the middle management as per requirements.

Once a candidate successfully gets through the interviews and is placed in a company, we follow up with the employer and the employee periodically in order to ensure there’s hassle-free and smooth integration at the workplace.