Candidates Profile


Rose B.H

Senior HR Executive - NestAway Techonologies

Ever since I ran away from my house, I started working for a trans (CBO) community based organisation. My peers used to tell me that "people like us don't get jobs anywhere else, and that this is our only home". I refused to believe that and constantly looked for opportunities outside. I was assigned as a peer educator - where I got the opportunity to improve my communication, teaching and life skills. I also grew fond of human interactions and counselling. But that wasn't enough to sustain. I used to beg and go for sex work. As years passed by, my trust in the society started to whither. Like my colleagues told, I never found a job anywhere else. There was discrimination at all levels. And then in early 2018, I got to know about PeriFerry. They trained me and set up an interview for me at NestAway Technologies. And guess what? I made it. Its almost 2 years now and there's no looking back. From HR to Senior HR executive, I've come a long way.


Adhyasa Jeet Dalvi

Content Marketeer - Koskii

As my name (Adhyasa) suggests, I was always deemed different. Its this uniqueness that I decided to wear it on my sleeves. I was always proud of who I am and despite my friends and family not willing to accept that, I fought my way through life. This job in Koskii is a testimony to all those years to struggle that I faced with a smile. I want to remind all my trans sisters and brothers that no matter the challenges, we will come through. We only need to accept ourselves.



Data Management Specialist - RmKV Silks

Rohita's story is of many struggles and challenges. Despite being a graduate, she was asked to leave her job at Sriram Chits when she came out as a trans woman. For almost a decade after that, she continued to beg and engage in commercial sex work for a living. She was ostracized by her own family. A year ago, a major breakthrough happened when she was employed by RmKV as a data entry specialist. She was accepted by her family post the job and now she lives a financially independent and happy life. She has been with the firm for over a year now.



Technology Help Desk - Australia & New Zealand Bank

I have faced many challenges in my life. I couldn‟t continue my education because of the environment I was in, I didn't have friends, and people used to bully and harass me. I was confused for 19 years of my life, trying to figure out who I was, and what I wanted. Things started changing as I became clear about my choices, and when I began to accept myself. There are people who will accept you, there are people who will employ you, irrespective of what your gender is, and I am glad I found such people. Hence, now I feel „‟every day is not challenging but interesting‟‟. I am proud and happy for being independent, and for standing on my own feet. ,Firstly, accept yourself; people will accept you as well. Next, do what you love, „‟you have one life, live the way you want to and not how others expect you to‟‟. And last but not the least, keep working hard and always be happy.


Abhinav Sutar

Inclusive Internship Trainee – Accenture

I wonder “how did I do it?” I feel confident, positive, and hopeful now but it wasn't always that way. My father wasn't supportive when I wanted to undergo sex reassignment. There was a time where I couldn't afford my medicines as well. I felt lost and cornered, it was a tough road. A big part of transitioning is to re-learn and re-evaluate everything, especially the will to live. It is not easy; it may involve anxiety, depression, self-harm, or even a suicide attempt. And today, having a job is a huge accomplishment for me. I wonder, “How did I do it? How did I come so far?” I have learnt to deal with my feelings, I feel confident, positive, and hopeful. I have a long way to go, I am doing things, I never thought I would be able to do. My job makes me feel secure and independent. I will always be in-debt, to people who helped me to reach where I am today.


Sumangali Balakrishnan

Front Office Executive & Admin - The Bohemian House

Until two years ago, I was struggling with lack of acceptance and opportunities. I used to make my living through begging and sex work. Now I am thankful for where I am today. I have finally found acceptance at home, I live with my family now, I am a classical dancer. They say ' Be the change you want to see'. I know it isn't easy to change a lifestyle, but I did it, and you can do it too. I walk into the office every day with a smile; I work shoulder to shoulder with my colleagues. People like me for who I am. Based on my personal experience I would like say that 'Inner looks matter more than outer looks so be good, grab the opportunities, respect others and live a dignified life'. After all Humanity is about humans and not about a man or a woman.


Bharaa Bobby

Experience Team - SPI Cinemas, Chennai

Holder of the coveted gold medal in engineering (Electronics & Communication) with a CGPA of 7.9/10, an enviable scientific temperament with a tenacious passion for the art of Bharatnatyam culminating in an elegance unparalleled for 7 years and counting. 2013, Bharaa joined St. Peter’s Institute as a male student. The rest is history.On Graduation Day, Bobby dressed up the way she had wanted to all her life – as a woman. Clad in a saree, Bobby went on to become the first trans woman to be conferred the gold medal. She has now been working at SPI Cinemas, South India’s Largest Theatre Multiplex as the Experience Team: Project Coordinator for the last 17 months.

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