Trans-inclusive Workplace

Transgender people have been historically marginalised and discriminated against, many from a very early age, because of not conforming to society’s gender norms. This has negatively impacted access to education and employment. Proactively recruiting transgender people in the workplace is one of the many initiatives needed to set right this systemic wrong.

Transgender inclusion should not be seen as just another attempt by businesses to portray themselves as diverse, or another box that they need to tick off on the master checklist of social causes that are good for brand image.

What we need is a genuine recognition that an inclusive workplace is good for people and good for business. We need to send out a message to existing staff and management that, by bringing transgender inclusion into your hiring, you are also creating a safe space for existing employees who are transgender, but not yet out. Such employees should not fear that coming out and/or transitioning while in the workplace will adversely impact their jobs, as their company’s staff orientations and anti-discrimination policies will cover sexuality, gender identity and expression too.

Ultimately, such inclusive measures will help to create environments in which employees can bring their whole selves to work. As hundreds of studies around the world have demonstrated, this will help in attracting and retaining talent, and boosting creativity and productivity: all ultimately good for business.

I appreciate PeriFerry’s initiative in proactively reaching out both to the transgender communities and potential employers to identify placement opportunities and create welcoming HR policies.
l-ramakrishnan-saathiiAuthor: Dr. L. Ramakrishnan, Vice President, SAATHII.