My first job where I could be myself: Vino

“PeriFerry mattrum kulumathirku vanakkam. Nan Vino, Thiruppur mavatam aruge vasikkiren. Nan oru intersex(idayalingam). Nan yaarendra adayalam theriyaamale samukathin saadaluku bayanthu migavum mana aluthathode vaazhndhuvanthen. Yerkanave nan velai seitha idangalil ellam etho oru vetru inathavar polave paavithanar. Athanal angirunthu vilaki mana aluthathode veetil irunthen.

Miguntha mana alutham PeriFerry patri therinthu athan moolam enathu pratchanaigalai pagirnthen. Kuluvil ullavar anaivarum ennai thangal kudumpathinarpola paavithanar. Pathu ulagam kidaithathupola unarnthen avarkalathu perum udhaviyal nallathoru companyil ipothu velai seikiren. Maatham 10,000 sambadhikiren. Enathu MDyum ennai thanathu sagotharan polave paarkirar. Mudinthu ponadhaai enniya en vaazhkayil oli yetria perumai PeriFerryai saarum. Samukathaal niraagarikkapattu nirgathayaai nirkum inum pala sagothara sagothirikal vaazhkayai olimayamaakuvargal endru perum nambikai ullathu. PeriFerryin Intha sevaiayil oru tholanaga pinthodarvathil mikka magilchi. Adutha thalaimurayai adaikaakum anna PeriFerry ku vaazhthukkal.


Endrum nandriyodu,
Ungal Nanban”

(English translation)

“Regards to PeriFerry and team,

I am Vino, I live near Thirupur district. I am an intersex person. I have been under immense pressure trying to analyse myself while at the same time afraid of facing abuse by the society. I was treated as a different creature in my previous work places. Hence, I quit my work and stayed at home. At this point of time, I fell into severe depression, I literally lost all hope. I then came to know about this organization called PeriFerry, I reached out to them and shared my story. Every individual in the team treated me like their own. It felt like I’ve entered a new world altogether. With their help, I was placed in a good company. I am earning enough per month, my manager and my entire team now treat me like a family. The pride of lighting my life which I thought was over, purely belongs to PeriFerry.

I strongly believe that they will brighten the lives of many brother’s and sisters who were rejected by the society and left without any support.

I am extremely happy to be associated with PeriFerry and their service.

Shall meet
Shall achieve

Ever grateful,


Testimonial from one of PeriFerry’s candidates, Vino who is currently working with Indian Superheroes, Coimbatore.