“My name is Ajitha and I am a trans-woman . It’s been about three months now since I left home. I have completed Engineering (EEE). After graduating, I tried to find employment in various places but couldn’t find anything that was comfortable for me. Later, a friend told me about a website called “PeriFerry” and asked me to upload my details on the website and that I would be called in for interviews if I do so. So I uploaded all my details on the website and was contacted by Neelam. Soon I got a job offer from Kolapasi. I feel quite comfortable with the work environment at Kolapasi. The managers and other colleagues make me feel at ease and teach me things. They treat me normally and I don’t have any problem here.
To all the transgenders out there who are forced to do other work, I ask them to seek a better standard of living. Through this interview, I would request them to look out for better employment opportunities.”

-Ajitha is incharge of Lalchand Kulfi section at Kolapasi Restaurant.


Interview, photo by: Steevez Rodriguez

Designed by: Vigneshwaran

Edited for brevity by: Nanditha Ravindar