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They do not bargain contracts spelling out wages and benefits

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I would go so far as to have a viable anti caste movement

An interview with Dalit activist Dr Anand Teltumbde

canada goose uk shop On July 14, the Nagpur bench of the Bombay high court commuted the death sentence awarded to six convicts in the Khairlanji Canada Goose online murder case to 25 years’ rigorous buy canada goose jacket cheap imprisonment. On September 29, 2006, a mob brutally raped a mother and daughter before killing them along with her two sons. Surekha Bhotmange (then 42), Priyanka Canada Goose Jackets Bhotmange (17), Roshan Bhotmange (19) and Sudhir Bhotmange (21) belonged to one of the three Dalit families in Khairlanji, a remote village in Mohada tehsil of Maharashtra’s Bhandara district. canada goose uk shop

Bhayyalal Bhotmange, the head of the family, survived as he was away from home that fateful day.

In a way Khairlanji is a metaphor for all the atrocities committed against Dalits across the country. Despite their numerical strength (Dalits constitute 16.6 per cent of India’s population), Dalits in canada goose clearance sale India are routinely at the receiving end of caste conflicts. While some atrocities against Dalits get wide media coverage, a majority of the incidents are ignored.

Canada Goose sale Was Khairlanji an aberration? What needs to be done to prevent such atrocities? Canada Goose sale

canada goose coats No, Khairlanji was in no way an aberration or a unique occurrence. It is just incidental that Canada Goose Outlet it came into the limelight. The reason perhaps lay in the blatant manner in which the police sought to suppress it initially as an incident caused by the outrage of simple village folk over the defiance of a woman who persisted with her illicit relationship with a man despite their sane advice to stop it. The Khap kind of izzat (honour) syndrome! canada goose coats

Canada Goose Coats On Sale There have been similar incidents before and they continue to occur even now; they either go totally unnoticed or get buried in the records of some innocuous police station. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

canada goose uk black friday In fact, there was an incident at Jhanjhardi just 40 km from Aurangabad in Marathwada just prior to the release of my book on Khairlanji in October 2008, where a canada goose Dalit woman was raped and her husband badly thrashed. canada goose uk black friday

canadian goose jacket Both were to be set afire but just then the police reached Canada Goose Parka the spot. Potentially it was no different from Khairlanji, but no one took note of it. canadian goose jacket

canada goose factory sale There is no easy method to stop the occurrence of such atrocities on Dalits. The legal course is tedious and full of hurdles for the victims. You know, the police records nearly 30,000 atrocity incidents (against Dalits) every year. But they represent just the tip of the iceberg. canada goose factory sale

It is said that at least nine out of ten jacketstockk.com atrocities go unreported.

canada goose uk outlet The village dynamics is such that a poor Dalit victim would not firstly dare to go against the powerful upper castes to report the crime. Even if s/he musters enough courage to reach a police station, the police machinery would not pay heed to her/him. It is only with some activists’ backing that the police will record the atrocity. These are well acknowledged facts. What happens later is also well known. canada goose uk outlet

Even if canada goose black friday sale the atrocity gets recorded, they would not apply appropriate canada goose clearance sections of the relevant Act (as happened in the Khairlanji case where many Dalit leaders,activists and scholars are upset that the case was not properly built by the police who recorded the FIR, and then the prosecution which made no efforts to bring the Atrocity Act into play).

cheap canada goose uk The police investigation would be so lackadaisical canadian goose jacket that it paves the way for the eventual release of victims. When the case comes up for hearing in courts, the prosecution canada goose deals could be more callous and then come the judges who would not see any caste angle in such crimes. cheap canada goose uk

What would you call it if the lower court as well as the high court does not see any evidence of caste in Khairlanji, which may veritably be a text book case otherwise of a caste atrocity? This being the legal process, how can one think of a systemic remedy?

The remedy to my mind lies only in people’s action.

It is clear that if there had not been a strong spontaneous agitation over Khairlanji, the courts would not possibly have given the punishment they gave.

canada goose It is only public pressure that extracts judgments from the courts. I would go so far as to have a viable anti caste movement against such atrocities. canada goose

canada goose clearance Atrocities in my analysis constitute the metrics of caste and need to be curbed with force by those who want caste to be annihilated. The deterrent could only be in terms of tit for tat. Unless the perpetrators of atrocities are hit back with matching brute force, they would not realise that they are doing something wrong. It may sound like raw Canada Goose sale revenge by jungle law when I say such a thing, but I have an elaborate theory behind this. canada goose clearance

There is a deep rooted caste prejudice against Dalits, and this (prejudice) would not tolerate them being conducted on equal terms. There is no method to correct such a deep seated cultural residue than the shock treatment (I canada goose outlet have suggested).

Moreover, there is empirical evidence that support my theory. This, however, would be possible when Dalits learn to join hands with other canada goose coats on sale people on the basis of class.

Caste can never bring them this kind of strength.

canada goose coats on sale Persisting with the caste idiom, I am sure Khairlanjis will keep happening and this kind of interviews will cheap Canada Goose keep recurring for centuries to come. canada goose coats on sale

Canada Goose Online Has the Indian State failed in its duty to protect the life and property of the deprived and dispossessed, more so if they happen to be Dalits? Canada Goose Online

uk canada goose outlet Yes, definitely the Indian State has miserably failed to protect the life and property of Dalits. uk canada goose outlet

Canada Goose Jackets Actually, going by the rise in the incidence of such atrocities, one could reasonably infer that it has promoted caste prejudice by its acts of omission or commission. Let it be understood that today’s caste is not the classical caste based upon some rituals. Canada Goose Jackets

It is very different, and the forces of modernity induced by the State bring in that difference. The State cannot canada goose store be absolved of its responsibility in its dynamics.

Just days after Police Commissioner Jane Kennedy and

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“The basic principle of it has been violated

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In this case, Nugent told his students years later, should

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