(NYSE: T) today announced the launch of Vrio Corp

AT Inc. (NYSE: T) today announced the launch of Vrio Corp.’s (Vrio) initial public offering of 29,684,000 shares of its Class A common stock, all offered by Vrio in a primary offering. Vrio is a holding company for AT Latin American digital entertainment services units, DIRECTV Latin America and SKY Brasil.

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After an hour, she will have to place it in a basket

An Arizona man whose explosive gender reveal party for his baby to be set off a massive wildfire pleaded guilty in a deal for five years’ probation and a $220,000 restitution payment, according to his attorney. Attorney’s Officesaid in a statement. The resulting explosion set off a massive blaze that spread to the Coronado National Forest..

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In the past, Adam Reed has described his adult animated sitcom

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Casey, proprietor of the Kar ajo hotel, where the aged man

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The only thing I noticed in the Obamacare Healthcare plan for

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6 percent for commercial vehicles

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But I instead went to therapy and I glad I did

The ideal candidate will have an understanding of gaps in the media landscape on these issues and seek to fill them with high quality content that breaks new ground. This reporter should be able to cover breaking news, but will also be expected to develop and pitch ideas for enterprise and feature stories. Experience in creative, multimedia storytelling methods interactives, video, graphics, GIFs, photos, etc.

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It also states the importance of every approach and how each

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Tapping carefully with a hammer can aid the penetrating oil

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rrobe53 1 point submitted 1 day agoLet’s start off by saying

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